Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And now a word from our sponsor...

The bottom produces everything and the top prints money to buy it wholesale and then marks it up and sells it to the bottom retail...and it's up to the bottom to pay the difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price to supply the top with the yield they demand.

And if you all can't.

Then you are going to have to be fired and replaced with more productive workers.

You were fired over the past few decades and Chinese workers were hired...but now they can't even support the top supports the bottom delusion you all depend upon.

I have no idea when the real yucky mindblowing soul destroying stuff is going to begin having an impact...but as long as you have a few years of existence left...you will see the day.

As far as I can tell we are a long ways from the actual bottom where the milking operation reaches its maximum potential and the shorting method of extraction of yield from the dying USA and world system is still an effective way to make money.

If that is what turns your crank.

The bottom supplies the top.

Stocks will storm back if the bottom can support the ability for the top to cover. The bottom is the leverage the top use to increase the value of their assets.

Master what is my purpose? Your purpose is to slave till the day you die making me rich...

The top lives off the yield from the speculators.

There's two kinds...aggressive...Those that are personally involved...they are a minority...then there are the passive...they supply the agressive speculators.

The top does all the buying and selling...the bottom follows along and speculates.

The top is following a plan...the bottom is trying to figure it out.

The top must keep the bottom in the dark.

The top can see the bottom's demand.

The bottom supply the top with everything wholesale...the top then mark everything up and supply it to the bottom retail.

Eliminate the ability for banks to inflate the money supply to make up the difference between the wholesale cost and retail price...and the economy can't grow.

It's why the world basically went nowhere for centuries...it's why the primary method of travel was riding around on the back of an animal or pulled around in cart by an animal for 1000's and 1000's of years until the 20th century.

Consumers use their current income which is composed of previously created money which is debt or an asset inflated in price by previously created money which is debt as collateral backing their request for a commercial bank to create new money which is debt.

Operating expenses are composed of previously created money which is debt and profit or yield is composed of newly created debt.

Within a constantly growing or yielding system...Once the bottom reaches their maximum potential to sustain the expansion...contraction follows. The roaring 6 decades was the greatest boom in the history of the 600 year old credit system...The past 6 decades was a massive blow off.

So in order to sustain this...the bottom has to supply the power that is required to sustain perpetual blow off.

Due to the construction of the system...that is impossible.

The top is the rider and the bottom is the horse...for the past six decades the top has been whipping the bottom...demanding more yield a year...faster...faster...faster...

Until the horse became exhausted slowed and finally stopped. Now the top is basically whipping it to death.

That's Greece

Eventually it will be those higher in the hierarchy.

Eventually there will be nowhere to put what you perceive to be money to acquire a positive yield.

Unless you short sell your countrymen and country to oblivion...like those higher in the hierarchy in Greece did.

You think Obama gives a rat's ass about any of you?

They are all using insider information to short sell you all to oblivion.

They are the first class ticket holders on the Titanic...

Obama was hired to tell the clowns trapped below decks that everything is a ok and that there's plenty of lifeboats.

Obama was installed to supply hope...To buy more time...A qualitative easing.

So those higher in the hierarchy can suck the last succulent drops of power you have left.

What do you think the real purpose of the video game industry was all this time? Most teens think you just re-spawn when you die and that mowing down people with mini-guns is cool...be ...all that you can be...cannon fodder in the army.

The top has not been trying to cure the problem...just treat the symptoms...

The top is the cause and the bottom is the effect...

The top is instigating all the revolutions and war outbreaks globally...

In the end there is going to be a maelstrom of chaos...a blizzard of effects to promote as the cause of the effects so that the culprits can escape.

While the top did lead...you all gleefully followed...paid to follow...

At the end the Germans said...we were just following orders...according to the judges...that is not an excuse. So I'm sorry to say...you all are going to suffer the consequences the top or your employers hired you all to suffer.

But I'm a civilian...too bad so sad...

Rich people cause wars that they employ poor people to suffer the consequences of.

The battle against deflation is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.

The top is not the most productive. The bottom is...

until they are sucked dry.

Well the top becomes the top and maintain their position by always taking more than they give...always...it's the divine right of kings. Oh you think you gained independence from kings? nope...never did...you all just think you did...and if you think therefore you are...poof...it's magic...Hyper my teacher said I did and all the history books said I did...so I must have...

The sucked dry wreckage at the bottom cause problems...the bottom cries to the top about the effects.

The top is not going to pay the cost of dealing with the consequences at the bottom...that's what the top employs all of you to do....the top doesn't pay its credit cards...the bottom does...

The employer doesn't pay for anything...the employees do...it's what your purpose within the enterprise is. It's your purpose on Earth within the system you all are in...That's not what they tell me at church...

The bottom is already being supplied the minimum in order for the top to obtain the maximum...it's the middle that ultimately has to do with less in order for the top to obtain the power required to deal with the effects at the bottom that are causing the bottom to bawl like babies.

It's like your brains which are supposed to be capable of thinking according to rumor...have been programmed to be unable to.

Rich people are the biggest welfare cases of society...The entire bottom...billions of people globally have to slave till the day they die supporting the welfare cases at the top and the bottom...

At the extreme bottom of the global hierarchy far away from your sight...10's of 1000's are being sucked dry and dying to support your asses...

If the farmers stopped producing 1000's of times more food than they need to sustain their existence and decided to just produce enough to sustain themselves...all the welfare cases being sustained by the welfare system would die off in massive numbers.

Double digit growth rates for 30 years...hint hint.

Ten percent is a doubling every 7 years...to sustain that...it will take double the inputs the next 7 years...then 4 times...then 8 times....then 16 times...or China will implode to oblivion.



  1. So I took the children to Worlds of Fun on saturday. Did my level best to recreate one of my own boyhood peak experiences, when an older neighbor girl took me to a Parliament Funkadelic concert with her best friend, the then reigning Miss Kansas.

    The little boy is twelve, hasn't hit puberty yet, but is profoundly susceptible to all the naturally arising, and profoundly mood-altering states of consciousness. I made arrangements through his older sister to have one of her friends - a minor local celebrity/child of major local celebrity - go with them to the amusement park and he of course got to take his best friend (cause such events are even better when you have a witness)

    Long story short, he had a blast and the girl was nice enough to even friend him on facebook so that the "legend" not only persists in his memory, but can propagate through the aether. Little man was still walking on air monday afternoon.

    My kids both know what's around that signpost up ahead, yet neither one of them has been effected by it very much aside from the unconventional beliefs and practices of their father which they now consider normative, and we all move along as much like I remember moving along during my own childhood and adolescence - cept everybody has their own bugout bag and is well rehearsed in the use of everything in it. Strange innit...?

  2. It's a weird world. And here I am striking out on my own, signing clients wholly dependent on retail or construction business, buying consumer electronic geegaws to impress them, and riding this consumption horse. You might even say I'm the whip the proverbial rider is using.

    My kids are little, not ready for anything yet. I'm more of a bug in, connect with the community leaders, both business, legal, law enforcement, and criminal. Like your buddy UBJ, I do lots of favors and kindnesses now while they are relatively cheap for one and all, without looking (or being) rich and a target.

    I anticipate leading, and as a consequence surviving, a la a mid-level Chinese bureaucrat.

    My kids are small and there's nowhere to run anyway bro. Best make sure you're in line for those ration cards, or even better, handing them out.


  3. Living and functioning in one world with the abject certainty that we're about to be more or less abruptly transitioned into another. Best of luck under your own shingle, sounds like you been holding it down on a pretty high level anyway, you and the Gurdjieff of Beaumont TX..,