Thursday, December 15, 2011

Occupy the Army?

...if history is any guide, the raid on Occupy Wall Street and the destruction of the tents and sleeping bags the protesters left behind is not likely to have the effect the movement's foes want. The Great Depression offers a striking parallel to this week's attack on Occupy Wall Street.

In 1932, a police and Army raid on the Bonus Army of first world war veterans, who had come to Washington, DC to ask for immediate payment of their Adjusted Service Certificates (whic everyone called their bonus), resulted in an Occupy Wall Street-like rout.

But in the end, the vets were the ones who prevailed and gained public sympathy.
The 1932 raid reached its peak of violence on 29 July when Washington's commissioners and President Herbert Hoover gave the Army the authority to evict the marchers from empty government buildings near the Capitol and from their makeshift camps along the Anacostia River. The Army chief of staff, General Douglas MacArthur, aided by Major Dwight Eisenhower and 600 troops, backed up by tanks and cavalry, confronted the vets, tear-gassing them and setting fire to the shacks they had been living in.


Occupy Army
And it has arrived. Bradley Manning's hearing set for Dec 16.
21 Nov


  1. you see your preznit suspended habeas corpus and posse comitatus in response to Occupy yesterday?

  2. It's a long standing plan, I support Occupy but don't give it the credit for this move, it's a long time coming and this merely formalizes unofficial policy for at least the last 10 years.

    It's the inevitable rise of militaristic nationalism, coupled with a complete flatline in social mobility. The hourglass has slowed it's flow, and the castes are coming into focus. I recommend an affluent zipcode, they'll take care of their own relative poor, just not those out of sight.