Monday, August 22, 2011

Demand is Up!

Rebecca Badeaux hugs Hatton, an 11-week-old Lab her family is fostering for the TSA's Canine Breeding and Development Center. Researchers are trying to identify personality traits in dogs that would make them excel at explosives detection. The training is held at Lackland Air Base in San Antonio. The number of bomb-sniffing dogs needed since 9/11 has soared. 


TSOs or ANY other citizen has the power of arrest and can detain if certain criteria are met. The criteria varies by state.

What a TSO can not do is arrest you under the authority of the TSA. So in that regards they are not equal to a cop because the[y] do not have Governmental authority of arrest.

If any TSO attempts an arrest by stating they are a Federal Officer, they can be charged with impersonating a LEO especially now that the uniform and badges look like LEO uniforms.


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