Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let's talk about time

Kids aren't "different," that's acculturation. Is the solution to adapt to a different time horizon, or actively work to change the time horizon?


  1. Connecting with the Instinctive Centre through memory;

    In the Instinctive Centre lie memories of sensation. Some people claim that they can recall their sensations, and this may be true in very rare cases, but most people are incapable of doing so. Think about it. If you claim that there is a difference between eating cheesecake and eating cream cheese, you know the difference and anyone listening to you will know the difference, as well. Neither one of you, however, can recall the specific sensations distinguishing the one taste from the other as anything more than a disembodied difference. The former is "sweeter" than the latter.

    When you are eating something that gives you a particular sensation of taste, smell, consistency, you may be reminded of other sensations by association. This is memory of sensations. Or when you eat a thing claimed to be beef, but it is not and you know it's not, that's a memory of sensations, as well. This means that there is unquestionably a memory of different sensations, but like other functions of the Instinctual Centre, it is not a function subject to volitional imaginary recall. Sensation and memory of sensation works only in the present moment, just as all the senses do.

    Thought, for example, is very different from this. You can perfectly recall the memory of a thought you had yesterday, but you cannot recall in the same way a sensation that you experienced yesterday.

    Thought is independent of the senses and has a very different relationship to time. Sensation works only in the present moment of time and in fact make up the present moment of time. Some trains of thought are are timeless and you have to come back to your senses to know what time it is if you give your attention over to riding on these trains.

    If you could recall sensations in their totality, you would never move away from the recollection of pleasant sensations, but in recollection, the memory of sensations is astonishingly thin. People forget their sensations very easily.

  2. I found your site the other day while at work. Imagine my shock and pleasure finding that my humble site graced your blogroll. I just went into my site statistics and found your site among my referrers.

    Thank you so much for your kindness and your work here.

    I hope that you will remain patient with my current hiatus. I am having difficulty getting thoughts to gel of late. I end up blowing my own posts out of the water prior to their publication and I am currently running out of ideas that make sense.

    So, I will spoil my children for a while this holiday season. I will give another go after the first of the year.

    I hope that your life is blessed.


    1. Thanks John, still have that silver eagle I won off you many, many years ago.

      Dorcas' Daddy