Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner in 2012?

This recipe is from the White House cookbook. Yum.


  1. The "troublesome little bones" you can feed to the wolverine to fatten him up.

  2. rodent stew is nassisstiddy...,

  3. I just find the constantly shifting measure of what's an acceptable bottom for life quality interesting. At some point, even the POTUS was eating squirrell.

  4. man shoooot...., you ladling your rodent gravy onto bread toasted in butter like you were making some creamed chipped beef on toast (another hella sketchy depression-era delight) I've gotta question whether you really "needed" to boil any rodents in the first place?

    Might this be some old greasy queasy "good ole boy" soul food? I haven't seen him in a while, but dollars to donuts, the "possum man" will turn up once again this year in the grocery store parking lot selling fresh possum out of the trunk of his car - and people will pay a premium for that nassisstiddy rat and share their secret recipes for trying to cook the nassisstiddy out of it...,

  5. Man you are more of a baller than I ever gave you credit for-- reading the newly unearthed archives at subspot...two hundred fifty grrr on one of yours? Damn, I can't afford that club, they're gonna need to get by on public school, I bought in a nice district with that in mind. And that education starts at home, and 75% of success is social anyway.

    I barely caught and gutted a fish once, let alone go homeless Michael Pollan on a squirrel. But I believe you, I've had bear and it's greasy and gross, I imagine squirrel is the same.

  6. I can't afford that club, they're gonna need to get by on public school, I bought in a nice district with that in mind.

    Knowing what I now know, and having it to do all over again, I could have bought $250K more house and been in the best public school district in the U.S. - oh well. There would've been definitive social downsides to that Blue Valley residential decision.

    75% of success is social anyway

    that "75% of success is social anyway" doesn't translate with very high fidelity across racial lines DD. I'm not arguing the veracity of your point, rather, I'm arguing that the privileges of the food-powered, make-work hierarchy are not extended across racial lines as generously and socially as you assert. We touched on this point inconclusivelyat the spot a minute ago...,

    The old bit about being twice as good to get half as far is/was true in my generation - and - I expect it will be exponentially harsher in my childrens'.

    education starts at home

    Valuing and investing in education starts at home. My son is lucky inasmuch as we had significant "lessons learned" by the time we selected his school. He has had the privilege of having the best math teacher in the state of Missouri for his home room last year, and the neatness and completeness of his journal de classe is a thing of beauty to behold.

    I saw that he was struggling with the Pythagorean Theorem a little last week - so I put the Geometers Sketch Book on his laptop last night and much to my delight, he fell into it for about 3 hours.

  7. Your point on race is legit, although I'd counter that the social dividing lines will, and do, vary by micro culture. To use an example close to home (very northern, liberal coastal California,) within the wealthy dope-grower, pseudo rasta subculture being black is a distinct social advantage. At least a particular type of blackness anyway. Moose lodge member in ranching country a mere 30 minutes south? Distinct disadvantage.

    I did get a bonafide racial advantage recently. Pulled over with the wife and my young daughters coming home from a road trip. Polo shirt, Subaru, no ticket. But I think all by myself he writes it without so much as a hello.

    White privilege is real, but not quite as white as some of the clique reflexively assume, you likely benefit from it yourself over some technically whiter, but socially blacker people. Or you would here, I've never been to Missouri.

    There's always some rich guys son who's gonna succeed through patronage. Ann Richards cribbed the line, "born on third and thought he hit a triple."

    Of course, she also said "Power is what calls the shots, and power is a white male game."