Sunday, December 2, 2012

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  1. Consciousness and Conscience are similar in their respective spheres, one being in the Intellectual Centre, the other in the Emotional Centre. Consciousness is Knowing all together. Conscience is Feeling all together.

    Religion is an experiment in conveying teaching from Conscious to sleeping humanity. One of the chief sources of religious failure is that each person sets up his own relative understanding as absolute truth, and so people persecute, despise, and kill each other in the name of God. They may do so very earnestly and say they act from Conscience. But this is a false or mechanical Conscience and is formed in Personality. This false or acquired conscience is not based on objective inner understanding. It is related to false personality and so to feelings of status or merit and therefore the feeling that one is right and/or better than others, and that others who have different religious beliefs (relative understandings) are inferior or wicked and contemptible and worthy to be killed.

    The difference between Real Conscience and mechanical or false conscience is that Real Conscience is the same in all men and speaks as it were the same language. Mechanical or false conscience is different in different people according to their nationality, upbringing, customs, forms of belief, etc..,

    If all men could awaken, Real Conscience would speak in them all and they would agree with one another, because it would speak in the same way to everyone.

    Real Conscience exists in everyone but is buried and so out of reach. Personality has grown over it and as a result, our feelings,. our sense of ourselves has shifted to Personality. Therefore, to "feel all together" is impossible and indeed would be almost unendurable as we are. To "feel all together" would me that we were psychologically unitary, but Personality is not unitary, it is instead divided up into little mechanical processes (daemons). The fundamental thing to grasp about Personality is that it is multiple. For this reason you now feel in one way and shortly thereafter, you feel in another way, separately, and not together at all. At one moment you behave in one way, and subsequently, you behave in another way. And of all this shifting mechanical kaleidoscope inside of you, you delusionally refer to it as "I", as something unitary which does not in fact exist. You imagine you are one person, rather than the multitude of mechanical processes(daemons) you truly are.

    As long as a man Imagines that he is one person, he will never move psychologically from where he is!

    To awaken to Conscience, a man must first begin to see the contradictions within himself. But if a man tries to see contradictions within himself, taking himself all the time as if he were one person(unitary) - he will get nowhere. Indeed, he will stand in his own way and instead of stepping aside, will create for himself an even more impossible situation. Psychologically, this is the equivalent of a man believing that everything he sees is part of his own body.