Wednesday, September 10, 2014

They do it in the public square

First you get punched, then you get shamed, dehumanized, and even the people who are supposedly on your side take away all of your agency. Damn.


...Let’s be clear: If the NFL were not primarily a profit-making cartel utterly entranced by its own sales pitch as a morally righteous and fundamentally American institution, the second Ray Rice video would have changed nothing. As Goodell said Tuesday, there really would be “nothing pertinent” in it. There is nothing on the second video of Janay Palmer that anyone on the planet could not have inferred from a description this straightforward: “Ray Rice knocked out his girlfriend in an elevator.” Nothing in the new video merited more punishment than what would have been disclosed in the previous investigation, had it been conducted as responsibly as the NFL and its mouthpieces were so eager to claim it was...

...There is a part of that primarily white-dude “traditionalist” culture that has gotten so good at inventing all “the facts” that make up the convenient, self-pardoning, exculpatory part of “we have to suspend judgment until we get all the facts” that you have to endlessly loop a video of woman getting hit in the fucking face before most people will finally stop inventing a reason for why it’s her fault anyway.

And the sick, sad thing is that this ultimately infects us all.

A few minutes after I saw the latest video, I thought to tweet a screenshot of it as a screw-you to a commentator from the far-right who was being particularly smarmy about the subject. I almost felt I had to – as if the only way a discussion about objective reality can happen anymore is through an exploitive rhetorical device that foists it on others almost as angrily and violently as the subject it’s discussing.

 ...the only thing more hateful than watching that video is the notion that institutions like the NFL barely need to lift a finger anymore to get various subcultures to manufacture comforting alternate truths as needed – until the only thing that gets through anymore is the sheer luck of indelible, inarguable, visual documentation, and the horror of a person’s repeated national humiliation.


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  1. Not only took away a sista' agency, her meal ticket, life style, status, and all pursuant to satisfying whose prevailing narrative of what constitutes violence and/or abuse?

    I see no innocent victims in that video footage. I see no "vicious" or "brutal" left hook. What I see is an unfortunate connection between a chin rushing in and a very casually intervening left, no wind up, no premeditation, almost just a reflex response to someone rushing in.

    Janay looks like a big athletic young woman. For damn sure I wouldn't let her rush in on me without some kind of defensive reflex. But that's just me....,