Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Important enough to my dissertation to post here

  • Seems to me, the fly in Rifkin's ointment, is he still seems to be relying upon that whole extractive network to get him where he wants to be. Hydrogen  and the internet to manage it, all well and good, but, uh, you still need exotic metals and rare earths for all that shit. Aside from that island up in Sweden for some of rare earths, it looks like they need Africa, Asia, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Australia, etc. etc. to sustain their green utopia. Not that he can't expand his vision globally, but, he's ending using carbon a lot, LOT longer than he thinks he is.

    Call me a cynical optimist... and I am... I wish anyone well who wants to try it. I just want them to look at that giant smoke and oil slick snail track you make to get there.

  • and there it is, BAM!!! cold, hard, and right smack between the eyes...,

  • Yes my sensei, but you forget that everything else is just conversation.
    Let me Cliff Notes MY entire thesis. The US is the world's largest exporter of:

    1) food
    2) weapons

    EVERYTHING else is just conversation. You may not like the reflection in the mirror, but the collapse will be relatively gentle for you and yours. As an extremely HARD realist, I expect and hope you will take comfort in that brutal fact.

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