Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ready for Tomorrow

First Things First

Before you begin to prepare, pray. As a Christian, I put my trust in God's guidance, providence, and protection. You can and should do the same...

...Other important items for your food storage:
- Canning lids and rings—buy plenty of extras for barter.
- Sulfur for drying fruit.
- Vinegar-Buy a couple of cases of one-gallon bottles.
- Spices....

...Chem/Nuke Defense List
Dosimeter and rate meter, and charger, radiac meter (hand held Geiger counter), rolls of sheet plastic (for isolating airflow to air filter inlets and for covering window frames in the event that windows are broken due to blast effects), duct tape, HEPA filters (ands spares) for your shelter. Potassium iodate (KI) tablets to prevent thyroid damage.(See my recent post on that subject.) Outdoor shower rig for just outside your shelter entrance....

...Hunting/Fishing/Trapping List
...Night vision gear, spares, maintenance, and battery charging
Salt. Post-TEOTWAWKI, don’t “go hunting.” That would be a waste of effort. Have the game come to you. Buy 20 or more salt blocks. They will also make very valuable barter items....

...Security-Firearms List
Guns, ammunition, web gear, eye and ear protection, cleaning equipment, carrying cases, scopes, magazines, spare parts, gunsmithing tools, targets and target frames, et cetera. Each rifle and pistol should have at least six top quality (original military contract or original manufacturer) full capacity spare magazines. Note: Considerable detail on firearms and optics selection, training, use, and logistic support are covered in the SurvivalBlog archives and FAQs....

...Barter and Charity List
For your barter list, acquire primarily items that are durable, non-perishable, and either in small packages or that are easily divisible....ammo will be worth nearly its weight in silver. ...Two cycle engine oil (for chain saw gas mixing. Gas may still be available after a collapse, but two-cycle oil will probably be like liquid gold!)
Gas stabilizer.
Diesel antibacterial additive.
50-pound sacks of lime (for outhouses).
1 oz. bottles of military rifle bore cleaner and Break Free (or similar) lubricant....

Emphasis His.



  1. So lets' see. This is just in case a nuclear exchange occurs I guess? Of what magnitude? Because even a small one is gonna make his prep list rather, shall we say, poorly thought out. He comes across as extremely underprepared?

    Oh yes!

    And a big one? A few gigatons burning up the atmosphere? Better have that moonbase prepped and operational. The one that's for living on earth, becuase anything less is certain death.

    The guy doesn't have the first clue how big the shitstorm will be.

  2. JOhn,

    First, apologies, I've been replying but google eats my posts, on my own site!

    This is just a way for those who think money = power to "protect" themselves. It's basically incantations and totems waved in the face of an oncoming storm. Instead of trying to be a mini-oligarch, screaming about private property and holding wealth, this guy and his ilk would be a lot better off trying to make sure the poor had enough to get by, instead of hoarding 100s of 1000s worth of useless bullshit.